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X-Men, Catwoman, and Empyre get new details, plus guests Christmas and Cole talk new Image Comics sci-fi series Tartarus

Episode Summary

This week we're back to our regular show as we recap the news, review our favorite comics of the week, and look ahead to comics out January 22, 2020! Also, special guests Johnnie Christmas and Jack Cole join us for an interview to talk about their new sci-fi Image Comics series Tartarus out on February 12, 2020!

Episode Notes


  1. Empyre teasers drop all week.
    1. New blue costumes?!
  2. Top-selling graphic novels of the decade are...
  3. Catwoman 80th anniversary!
  4. 5,395 comic books were released in 2019 Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson talks about the industry with Newsarama
  5. Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson returning for new story in GOD LOVES MAN KILLS special edition
  6. Dark Horse will publish a comic adaptation of the original Alien script
  7. Lemire and Del Mundo releasing their own take on Immortal Hulk in The Threshing Place
  8. THE PUNISHER VS BARRACUDA #1 - Ed Brisson & Declan Shalvey


  1. Dave
    1. Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy #2 (W: Jeff Lemire, A: Tonci Zonjic)
    2. Batman's Grave #4 (W: Warren Ellis, A: Bryan Hitch)
  2. Forrest
    1. Venom: The End (W: Adam Warren, Chamba Cruz)
    2. Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy #2 (W: Jeff Lemire, A: Tonci Zonjic)
  3. ComicBookRoundUp
    1. Critic: Rai # 3 (9.0)
    2. Fan: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #7 (9.5)


  1. Dave: The Runaway Princess (Johan Troianowski)
  2. Forrest: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (W: Al Ewing, A: Juann Cabal)


  1. Dave: Once and Future #6 (Dan Mora)
  2. Forrest: Batman Beyond #40 Variant (Francis Manapul)

INTERVIEW: Johnnie Christmas and Jack T. Cole talk about new series Tartarus (out February 12, 2020)

SUPERFIGHT: Christmas and Cole determine who would be the worst president, Tetsuo or Zorg (from the Fifth Element).

Off Topic Top Shelf: Johnnie Christmas and Jack T. Cole let us know what they're into right now that's not comics related.