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Jed MacKay on July’s Moon Knight, & going big with Magic and Black Cat

Episode Summary

Comics writer Jed MacKay joins the show to discuss his recent series launch Magic from BOOM! Studios. We also dig into his approach to July's Moon Knight relaunch, discuss Black Cat and her summer annual event Infinite Destinies, and more!

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Home Sick Pilots #5 (W: Dan Watters, A: Caspar Wijngaard)
  2. Locke & Key/Sandman: Hell & Gone #1 (W: Joe Hill, A: Gabriel Rodriguez)


  1. Batman: The Detective #1 (W: Tom Taylor, A: Andy Kubert)
  2. Phantom on the Scan #1 (W: Cullen Bunn, A: Mark Torres)



Segment: Jed MacKay - Magic (the Gathering), Black Cat (Michael Dowling), Avengers Mech Strike, Taskmaster (just wrapped up), and upcoming Moon Knight in July (art by Alessandro Cappuccio). 

  1. Jed, congratulations on launching Magic at BOOM! Studios last week. When approached to write this one, how did you begin to hone your story when you’re working off a universe that’s huge?
  2. There’s clearly a love for this universe on display here. Were you a fan of Magic the Gathering going into the project? 
  3. Of course, there are cards you can purchase to understand the lore of Magic the Gathering, but are there any books you used as a resource when creating this world?
  4. Was there anything in Magic #1 that Ig Guara positively crushed and surprised you with?
  5. Black Cat #5 is out this week and kicked off a new story arc called The Gilded City. Given what is stolen in this issue...will you ever run out of things to heist and do you have a running list of items for Black Cat to steal?
  6. Infinite Destinies is slated to start in June, but it was delayed due to COVID! Was the series of annuals completed and shelved, or was it pencils down until a new release date was set?
  7. What a busy summer for you, with Moon Knight launching in July. Congrats! Your interview with goes into Khonshu being imprisoned in Asgard which means Moon Knight (and Mr. Knight) is going it alone. It also suggests he’ll be a protector of those traveling at night, might we expect an episodic approach to the series, with a different thing or person needing protecting each issue?
  8. You’ve also said there will be no thought bubbles or captions to help convey his alienation, are there any stylistic choices you’ve made for any of your other works?
  9. Some of the most iconic Moon Knight covers have his costume positively shredded, can you comment on why that is and if he has a great tailor?
  10. Considering your current Marvel slate, which show do you think would make the best-animated series: Mech Strike, Black Cat, or Moon Knight?
  11. Are there any other projects you’d like to discuss or plug today? 

Segment - Superfight! Black Cat vs. Moon Knight - Black Cat!!

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