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Tom Taylor and Danieli Di Nicuolo talk 'Seven Secrets'

Episode Summary

Special guests Tom Taylor and Danieli Di Nicuolo join the podcast to talk about Seven Secrets from BOOM! Studios out August 12th. How do you craft a good action scene, what goes into character building, and the type of person who needs Seven Secrets!

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  2. The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020) #1 (W: G. Willow Wilson, A: Nick Robles)


  1. King of Nowhere #4 (W: W. Maxwell Prince, A: Tyler Jenkins)
  2. Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #7 (Erica Henderson)



Segment: Interview: Tom Taylor & Daniele Di Nicuolo talk Seven Secrets interview

  1. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  2. There's a fan out there who needs Seven Secrets, can you describe that comic book fan?
  3. How did develop the relationship between Eva and Sigurd in the first issue, it feels so natural, is there a back and forth in the building to make it feel so real?
  4. I was impressed with the details in weapons, vehicles and costuming in the first issue. When writing and drawing a script with so many specific looking guns, vehicles, and garb, how much is in the script and how much is the artists choice?
  5. When crafting an action scene, how do you know how many panels and pages you need to get it right?
  6. Again, the book feels so cinematic, were there any films that inspire you or inspired this work?
  7. Do you have any rituals you go through before putting pen to paper?
  8. What comics are you reading now?