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Tom King's career in the CIA questioned, IDW chairman loans 28 million, and Stan Lee

Episode Summary

Our second episode delves into our favorite books out January 2, 2019, we detail an obscure Russian character and discuss our favorite books and comic covers out January 9th 2019.

Episode Notes

We first discuss the news which includes Tom King responding to CIA career questions, delve into IDW Chairman loaning IDW $28 million for live action shows, and discuss DC Comics' tribute to Stan Lee.

We then recap all our favorite comics out January 2nd which includes two picks for Conan the Barbarian and two picks for Uncanny X-Men. We also discuss obscure character Ursa Major, discuss the most anticipated comics out January 9th, and discuss how retro-anything is trending. Dave also gets on the soapbox to end the show to discuss a comic fanboy gripe.

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