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Tim Sheridan, past hits & new thrills: Teen Titans, Red X, He-Man, & Superman

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Writer Tim Sheridan joins the show to discuss his comics series like Teen Titans Academy, his joining DC Comics during the 5G push, his future titles out this summer like Masters of the Universe and Shazam and so much more!

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Action Comics #1030 (W: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, A: Daniel Sempere)
  2. Cable #10 (W: Gerry Duggan, A: Phil Noto)


  1. Witchblood #2 (W: Matthew Erman, A: Lisa Sterle)
  2. Shadowman #1 (W: Cullen Bunn, A: Jon Davis-Hunt)



  1. Dave: Wynd #6 (Rian Gonzales)
  2. Nathan: The Swamp Thing #3 (Kyle Hotz variant)

Segment: Interview: Tim Sheridan

  1. Tim, thank you for being on the show! You’ve had a big year with multiple titles at DC Comics, but if you could take a step back for a moment, take me to 2006, your first credited work for Outta Sync, a fockumentary where you played Beverly, Just Beverly (The Choreographer). Did Tim Sheridan from 2006 know he’d be on the AIPT Comics podcast in 2021 talking about writing some incredible DC Comics?
  2. Superman: Man of Tomorrow was a real blast. How did you get involved with DC animation, and how did you approach telling a new take on Superman’s origin story?
  3. You laid a lot of groundwork in Man of Tomorrow for a new DC animated universe. In addition to Supes’ regular supporting cast, it introduces Martian Manhunter and Lobo. Were these characters you wanted to include from the beginning, or did WB kind of present you with, “We want a Superman origin, and it needs these characters?”
  4. You’ve written Superman a few times before.  And there’s been a good bit of chatter on the internet with people debating what defines Superman. What do you think is Superman’s defining trait?
  5. Shifting to Titans Academy: introducing Red X to continuity must be a huge honor for you, what was the conversation like with DC to get that character into the comics?
  6. Tim, loving Titans Academy, and in issue two there’s some great set pieces. One of which has Cyborg and Nightwing talking in front of a window into one of the classrooms where mayhem takes place yet Cyborg and Nightwing are calm and aren’t even bothered by it. When approaching a page like that, how did you come up with the idea, was it inspired by anything you’ve seen before?
  7. When writing a book about a superhero school, is there any daydreaming up storylines for an X-Men run?
  8. You’ve got Shazam on the way this summer, was it always planned as a four-issue series?
  9. One of the things that fascinates me about Titans Academy, and now Shazam, is that you’ve written these two properties before in Future State. How tricky is it to tell a NEW story that is kind of informed by FUTURE events that we’ve seen in stories you’ve PREVIOUSLY written? My brain just broke trying to put that sentence together!
  10. You’re working on Masters of the Universe: Revelation for Netflix and the new prequel comic. Two questions: 1, can we be you when you grow up? And 2, how’d you get involved with Revelation and do you have a lot of nostalgia for MOTU?

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