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The Boulet Brothers & Steve Orlando on their Halloween Heavy Metal takeover

Episode Summary

Dragula stars the Boulet Brothers and Steve Orlando join us to talk about their Heavy Metal Magazine takeover! We discuss their love of comics, the stories in Heavy Metal Magazine #311 out October 27th, and their upcoming season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula.

Episode Notes

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  1. DC Comics launching inaugural NFT collection October 5th
  2. Wonder Woman getting character Hall of Fame spot at Comic-Con & statue
  3. Constantine and the Robins get their own Young Adult books from DC
  4. ComiXology announces “Scottober” with three Scott Snyder lead comics
  5. Marvel announces ‘Ghost Rider: Kushala’ #1 Marvel Unlimited comic series by Taboo and B. Earl
  6. Black Widow and Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson jumps back into creator-owned comics with Image Comics & Substack
  7. Diamond Summit Day Two: Sales are up 18% from 2019

Our Top Books of the Week


  1. The Department of Truth #13 (Tynion, Simmonds)
  2. Inferno #1 (Hickman, Schiti)


  1. Human Remains #1 (Milligan, Cantirino)
  2. Inferno #1 (Hickman, Schiti)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Nathan - Superman ‘78 #2 (Venditti, Torres)

Dave - Extreme Carnage: Omega (Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, GURU-eFX)


  1. Dave: Amazing Spider-Man #75 (various)
  2. Nathan: Arkham City: The Order of the World #1 (Watters, Dani)


  1. Dave: Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Arthur Adams)
  2. Nathan: Arkham City: Order of the World #1 (Steve Beach)

Segment: Interview: The Boulet Brothers (Drac & Swan) and Steve Orlando! 

Boulet Brothers takeover Heavy Metal on October 27th issue #311

  1. To start, how did this Halloween takeover start and how long has it been in the works?
  2. Boulets! You’ve done a wild supervillain challenge on Dragula and now you’ve set your sights on Heavy Metal! What are your backgrounds with comics? Is this an after-lifelong love for you?
  3. Steve, how did you approach balancing out the creatives you chose telling these stories, many of whom are making their comics debut? (Alaska, Katya, Danhausen)
  4. There’s a pulpy scrappiness to these stories. Fans who like Heavy Metal for its graphic nature will dig these stories but, I must ask, was there anything you couldn’t do or show?
  5. It’s so fun to have you two playing the kind of Cain and Abel in this house of mystery. How was it getting to play Crypt-Keepers for this issue? And did you have input on designing your fabulous looks in each tale?
  6. I’m so into your story, “the Vault of Saumagotha.” It’s like we pick up on this like it’s issue 75 of a long-running series and you two are arcane superheroes! Do you have a big backstory in your heads for your comic alter egos? Will we see this version of the Boulet Brothers again?
  7. Steve! Switching gears to an entirely different universe, Darkhold Alpha just dropped. How was it getting to dive into the horrific side of Marvel?
  8. Boulets! What can we expect from Dragula Season 4 (premieres Oct. 19 on Shudder)?
  9. You also have your own podcast, Creatures of the Night! What draws you to that format, and do you have any favorite episodes?
  10. What are you all reading right now?