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Ryan Parrott on writing Power Rangers origins and pairing real-life to epic fantasy

Episode Summary

Special guest Ryan Parrott joins the show to discuss the revelations discovered in Mighty Morphin #10. We dig into how he's built everything up to this, writing a classic villain, the future of Power Rangers, how great Dan Mora's art is, and play Superfight: Darth Vader versus Lord Zed!

Episode Notes

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Mamo #2 (Sas Milledge)
  2. Mighty Morphin (2020) #10 (Ryan Parrott, Dan Mora)


  1. Batman ‘89 #1 (Sam Hamm, Joe Quinones)
  2. The Silver Coin #5 (Michael Walsh, Gavin Fullerton, Toni Marie Griffin)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Nathan - Mighty Morphin #10 (Ryan Parrott, Dan Mora)

Dave - Pennyworth #1 (Scott Bryan Wilson, Juan Gedeon)



Segment: Interview: Ryan Parrott 

  1. Ryan, thank you for being on the AIPT Comics podcast. When you were last on this show way back in November we spoke a little bit about the worldbuilding you’re doing, and it appears this week’s Mighty Morphin #10 pays off in that regard in a big way!
  2. Given how much has come before and where we are now, how far out have you plotted the Power Rangers universe?
  3. This issue finally revealed the secret origin of Lord Zedd. How exciting/nerve-wracking was it to be able to tell that story at long last?
  4. What has the fan response been like Mighty Morphin #10? - he’s covered this I think!
  5. This series has been full of cosmic visuals, and the latest issue has kicked that up a notch. Has there been a particular sequence where Dan Mora just blew you away and surprised you with how he brought it to life?
  6. You’re playing with Power Rangers history that goes back thousands of years, is there any desire to go into the future and play in that realm?
  7. This book uses flashbacks, flashfowards, might it start using flashsideways, is it fun to play with people’s perceptions and sort of build change how we think about these established characters?
  8. Can you tease anything coming up with the Eltarian War arc? - kinda covering this too
  9. If you were to rank Power Rangers villains as favorite, and favorite to write, what would your list be? 
  10. The Power Rangers X figures are crazy cool...does seeing these sprout from the comic make your imagination go wild for other mashups?
  11. Substack has taken over the comics news airwaves, what are your thoughts on the platform?
  12. What comics are you reading right now?

Superfight: Darth Vader vs. Lord Zed - Who is most successful?