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Phillip Kennedy Johnson on writing aliens: Superman, Carnage, & Xenomorphs!

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Very special guest Phillip Kennedy Johnson joins the show to discuss writing Superman, Alien, and July's Extreme Carnage. We discuss the differences between all three titles, working with the Alien story group, tidbits on future plans at DC Comics and Marvel and so much more.

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  1. Nocterra #2 (W: Scott Snyder, A: Tony S. Daniel)
  2. The Silver Coin #1 (W: Chip Zdarsky, A: Michael Walsh)


  1. The Swamp Thing #2 (W: Ram V, A: Mike Perkins)
  2. The Silver Coin #1 (W: Chip Zdarsky, A: Michael Walsh)



Segment: Phillip Kennedy Johnson - Alien, Superman, Action Comics, Extreme Carnage Alpha, Marvel Zombies: Resurrection

  1. Phillip, congratulations on an incredible year of stories, but also last year’s stories too like Kill a Man and The Last God! Heading into a year of Alien, Symbiotes, and Superman, how do you approach the page with so many universes in mind?
  2. What do you think is the key to the lasting appeal of the Alien franchise? Why has it managed to intrigue audiences on the screen and the page for 4 decades?
  3. We know there is a Star Wars Story group that checks stories, is there an Alien Story group?
  4. On that same note, it was awesome seeing Bishop in the first issue of Alien. Were there any characters that you were told were off-limits? 
  5. What is the collaboration process like with Salvador Larroca?
  6. Headlining Extreme Carnage Alpha, can you talk a little bit about this project, are you the ringleader so to speak?
  7. Do you have a favorite Symbiote?
  8. I’m not a betting man, but you must have pondered what an Alien vs. Symbiote story would look like. Or for that matter, a mega alien battle between Superman, Alien, and Carnage?  Who do you have coming out on top?
  9. Are there any other projects you’d like to discuss or plug today?

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