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M.R. Carey and Peter Gross talk new Hill House Comics series and ranking Dawn of X

Episode Summary

The AIPT Comics Podcast is back with our 47th episode and we have two very special guests on to talk horror comics. Writer M.R. Carey and artist Peter Gross join the show to talk about their new series The Dollhouse Family which is a new miniseries under the Hill House Comics line for DC Black Label.

Episode Notes


  1. Daredevil adds second artist to publish twice monthly
  2. New series from AHOY
  3. Lemire finishes new OGN
  4. DCeased unkillables sequel coming
  5. Task Force X
  6. Christos Gage and Todd Nauck Debut New Gwen Stacy Origin
  7. Bendis Compares Leviathan to Magneto


  1. Dave
    1. Gideon Falls #18 (W: Jeff Lemire, A: Andrea Sorrentino)
    2. Morbius #1 (W: Vita Ayala, Art: Marcelo Ferreira)
  2. Forrest
    1. Family Tree #1 (W: Lemire, A: Phil Hester)
    2. The Dollhouse Family #1 (W: Mike Carey, A: Peter Gross, Vince Locke)

Comics Check-in - Dawn of X, the first 6 are here!


  1. Forrest
    1. New Mutants
    2. Excalibur
    3. Marauders
    4. X-Men
    5. X-Force
    6. Fallen Angels
  2. Dave 
    1. Excalibur
    2. Marauders
    3. X-Force
    4. New Mutants
    5. Fallen Angels
    6. X-Men


  1. Dave: Excalibur #2 (W: Tini Howard, A: Marcus To)
  2. Forrest: Olympia #1 (W: Curt and Tony Pires, A: Alex Diotto)


  1. Dave: Gwenpool Strikes Back #4 (Terry Dodson)
  2. Forrest: The Witcher Omnibus - Mike Mignola

Segment: Interview -  M.R. Carey and artist Peter Gross to talk about their upcoming Hill House Comics title, THE DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #1. 


  1. There’s a rich tapestry of story and character as soon as you open the book. What is your process like creating this world of characters?
  2. There’s a layering of the story here, from the cutting between time to the dollhouse itself, what went into building this world, where do you start?
  3. Is there a lot of detail the reader will never see that helps you create? 
  4. Peter, the different periods of time require you to draw very different clothing among other things. Is there any approach you take to differentiate the periods?
  5. If you don’t mind my asking, what prompted you to address domestic abuse in this story?
  6. Can you talk a bit about your workspaces?
  7. There seems to be a source of ancient and maybe even alien evil at work here. I can’t help but think of the monster It, and its origin, is there any connection there?
  8. Joe Hill was on the show 2 weeks ago and described The Dollhouse Family as “intelligent British horror” and said it was specifically like a kind of horror film from the early 70s that is scary but intelligently written like the Wicker Man. Would you liken it to Wicker Man, or any other horror be it movie or novel?

Superfight: The kid from the Omen vs. Carrie - who wins a marathon?

Off topic top shelf: Mike and Peter give us their go-to entertainment lately