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Lonnie Nadler talks writing at Marvel, hit series Black Stars Above and more, plus our best of 2019

Episode Summary

We recap the biggest news, have guest comic book writer Lonnie Nadler on to talk about his Vault Comics series and Yondu series at Marvel Comics, and finally, we make our picks for Best comics of 2019!

Episode Notes


  1. Wraith getting his own book in April, one-shot
  2. IDW and Smithsonian launch a joint publication program
  3. GLAAD announces comics awards
  4. Comics sales and orders were up 2.0% in 2019, approaching $500 million

Interview: Lonnie Nadler talks Black Stars Above, Yondu at Marvel Comics, and more!

Segment: Our Best Comics of 2019!

Top 3 Favorite comics


  1. The Dreaming
  2. Justice League
  3. House of X


  1. Martian Manhunter
  2. Coda
  3. Silver Surfer: Black