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Ibrahim Moustafa on sci-fi OGN Count, Marvel breaks up & X-Men Monday 100

Episode Summary

Two guests join the show this week, firstly Chris Hassan who talks about his AIPT column X-Men Monday celebrating 100 columns tomorrow! Later in the show, Ibrahim Moustafa joins us to discuss his sci-fi OGN Count from Humanoids.

Episode Notes


Before we dig into those interviews, we recap the week in news. Marvel made waves mid-week as they revealed a new deal with Penguin Random House for distribution of all their comics. Marvel also revealed Alien #1 is getting a second printing after selling over 300,000 copies. BOOM! Studio also revealed big news as their series BRZRKR is headed to Netflix.

In other news, Image Comics sets October 20 for The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering andannounces WonderCon@Home schedule. Also in schedule news, DC Comics sets Milestone comics for same-day print/digital release while an Amazon Listing teases a new book with Superman leading The Authority this winter. In teaser news, Simon Spurrier teased new art and details for X-Men series Way of X all week, Vault Comics announced Barbaricfor June, Jimmy Eat World and Z2 Comics are teaming up for Jimmy Eat World: 555, and finally AfterShock and Renegade Entertainment announce ‘Lycan’ for 2022.

Segment: X-Men Monday 100 mini interview with Chris Hassan!

  1. On February 25, 2019, your Reign of X..Men Monday started. If I told you then on March 29, 2021, you’ve reached 100 columns, what would you say and think?
  2. What X-Men solo book do you think Reign of X deserves?
  3. You’re doing a lot to promote X-Men Monday 100, appearing on podcasts and live streams, hyping with teasers, adding new elements to the column...what is the meatiest tastiest thing to look forward to on Monday?
  4. What X-Men Monday anniversary do we celebrate next, 150? X-Men Monday Bicentenial?!

Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Batman/Superman #16 (W: Gene Yang, A: Ivan Reis)
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #62 (W: Nick Spencer, A: Patrick Gleason)


  1. Batman/Superman #16 (W: Gene Yang, A: Ivan Reis)
  2. Harley Quinn #1 (W: Stephanie Phillips, A: Riley Rossmo)



Segment: Ibrahim Moustafa Interview - Count at Humanoids - Out March 16 - Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou - Colors by Brad Simpson 

  1. Congratulations on Count, how has the reception been since its release on March 16?
  2. The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic - how did you arrive on the idea to retell this story with science fiction? Did the concept of a Monte Cristo adaptation come to you first, or the high-flying action scenes.
  3. There are many different characters in this work, do you do anything special to get into character, like speak out loud in voices, or write evil characters left-handed (joking!)?
  4. The relationship between mentor and student is heartfelt and real. What did you seek to accomplish first and foremost with these characters?
  5. I was curious about the format and length allowed to you via the graphic novel format. Would this story work as 6 20-page single issues, or was this the only way to tell this story?
  6. The use of color and lettering is exceptional in this work too. What was the process like working with Hassan Otsmmane-Elhaou and Brad Simpson?
  7. Without giving anything away, there are some fascinating untold stories hidden in the margins here, with Redxan and Amai’s relationship being one of them. Do you feel like there are more tales to tell in this world?
  8. There have been many adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo, who would you want as your Edmond Dantes (Redxan Samud) in the adaptation of Count?
  9. Ibrahim, this is your first of three Humanoids projects lined up. Can you tell us anything about the second collection, might it be an adaptation, something original, and/or sci-fi?
  10. Are there any other books you’d like to discuss today?
  11. Last question, and this is totally for my (Nathan) benefit as a James Bond nerd: favorite on-screen Bond and why?

Off-Topic Top Shelf: Moustafa likes making custom action figures