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Guests Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo discuss their Eisner winner Afterlift

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Special guests Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo join the show to discuss Afterlift from ComiXology. The digital-first series is heading to print on February 2, 2021 thanks to a collaboration between ComiXology and Dark Horse Comics. We discuss the Eisner Award winning series, the uniqueness of the series being released in multiple formats, and so much more.

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Future State: Superman - Worlds Of War #1 (Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mikel Janin, Brandon Easton, Valentine de Landro, Becky Cloonan Michael Conrad, Gleb Melnikov)
  2. Future State: Catwoman #1 (W: Ram V. A: Otto Schmidt)


  1. I Breathed A Body #1 (W: Zac Thompson, A: Andy Macdonald)
  2. King in Black #3 (W: Donny Cates, A: Ryan Stegman)



Segment - One thing Forrest is looking forward to in 2021

Segment: Interview - Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo on Afterlift Eisner Winner February 2nd

  1. Congratulations on your Eisner win! Afterlift is going to have a reincarnation of sorts in February when Dark Horse teams up with Comixology to send this to print, but the journey started before the first issue came out in October 2019. Was the series originally being set for digital-only a pro or a con in your mind?
  2. Aferlift takes readers to many...realms of the afterlife. Can you speak to any inspirations for these realms like Hell and Heaven that influenced this work?
  3. Comixology head of content Chip Mosher was on this show last May and he’s a super guy, I was curious how Afterlift ended up at Comixology or if it was always a project set up there?
  4. I love the naming in Afterlift, “Gornaux the grievous, slayer of all of grenroveria” or the demon Zeniakra, how do you come up with these so they sound right but then are also completely original?
  5. Have either of you played Rocket League? You should get a deal to write a comic about that game, the ability to flip cars is taken to the max in Afterlift!
  6. It’s funny, but it almost seems like the Fast and the Furious series has owned car chase and car stunt movies for too long. That said, would you ever be open to a Fast and the Furious crossover?
  7. Janice Chen talks about her father joining a “weird christian church” as someone who grew up with a born again christian father, I was curious if that detail was from your personal lives something you added for a specific reason?
  8. The book ends on an interesting cliffhanger of sorts, is a sequel in the cards for Afterlift?
  9. After there any other projects in 2021 you’d like to discuss?

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Chip Zdarsky: Novels and comics for work, post Afterlift learning to drive