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Guest Gene Luen Yang talks Superman Smashes the Klan (and more), plus book club #6 and the news

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We interview Gene Luen Yang about Superman Smashes the Klan, his upcoming Marvel Comics series Shang-Chi, and more! Plus we recap the news, and do a deep dive on Marvel's Nextwave.

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AIPT BOOKCLUB: Nextwave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen

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Segment: Interview with Gene Luen Yang - Superman Smashes the Klan debuts May 12.

  1. Superman Smashes the Klan is inspired by the 1940 radio drama “Clan of the Fiery Cross”. Did DC provide you with recordings of those shows or transcripts? What was the research like for dipping into this specific period of Superman stories.
  2. Obviously and unfortunately, the fight against racism is timeless and that made this story a good candidate for adaptation, but was there anything in the original content you intentionally excluded
  3. What do you think is the quintessential Superman story? Is that also your favorite?
  4. I love your concept of the boy scout in Superman and he wears these bright colors due to his immigrant status and make everyone around him know he’s a good guy. It makes sense even if it was subconscious. I’m curious, why the black within the logo?
  5. Speaking of Super-Man...might you know when might we see Kong Kenan back in a DC Comics book?
  6. I’m incredibly excited for your Shang-Chi series set for a June release. It’s your Marvel debut, congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about your love of the character, what era of the character you’re a fan of, and how excited you are for the movie?
  7. How does your process differ writing for different publishers and established properties versus creator owned projects? Do you prefer one over the other? 
  8. What did you want to be when you were little?
  9. What comics are you reading right now?
  10. What one artist that you haven’t worked before do you most want to work with?
  11. Pie in the sky, what one character would you like to work on you haven’t yet written?

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