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Guest Cullen Bunn walks us through the deadside with Shadowman

Episode Summary

Cullen Bunn joins the AIPT Comics podcast this week to discuss the new Shadowman from Valiant Entertainment launching April 28th. We dig into what makes Shadowman work, blending superheroes and horror, and so much more. We also get an interesting solo X-Men title idea you won't want to miss.

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Fire Power #9 (W: Robert Kirkman, A: Chris Samnee)
  2. Nocterra #1 (W: Scott Snyder, A: Tony Daniel)


  1. The Swamp Thing #1 (W: Ram V, A: Mike Perkins)
  2. Nocterra #1 (W: Scott Snyder, A: Tony Daniel)



Segment: Cullen Bunn Interview - Shadowman #1 - April 28th Jon Davis-Hunt

  1. Congratz on Shadowman, I understand speaking to Dennis Hopeless (twice now on this podcast!) Shadowman has been in the works for some time?
  2. At this point it’s safe to say you’re a horror maestro, with Harrow County as just one of your works that’s a shoe in for classic, you have Eden at AfterShock coming in May, how has writing great horror for so long shaped your vision of Shadowman?
  3. How do you approach staying creative while quarantined? Do you have a set routine? 
  4. When you approach a comics script, what are some goals you try to achieve by book's end?
  5. Jon-Davis Hunt has been killing it for years, what made him right for this project?
  6. Has there been any panels or pages Hunt’s done that topped anything you could imagine?
  7. What is something a Shadowman comic MUST DO to be a Shadowman comic?
  8. It’s still early yet, but Dennis Hopeless pointed out an event tying into X-O Manowar was in the cards, is that still a possibility?
  9. Your Punk Mambo miniseries was a blast - any chance we’ll be seeing her turn up in the near future?
  10. You've been making comics for many years, congratz on that, if this were a 100 meter dash, where are you now, what were your record-beating moments (still on the metaphor), and what goals do you see yourself at 75, 95, and 100 meters?
  11. Are there any other books you’d like to discuss today?

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