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Guest Benjamin Percy talks scripted podcast Wastelanders and Hellfire Gala

Episode Summary

This week, Benjamin Percy joins the show to talk about his new scripted podcast series Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord. We also pick Percy's brain on his ongoing X-Force and Wolverine stories as well as what to expect from the Hellfire Gala!

Episode Notes

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. The Blue Flame #1 (W: Christopher Cantwell, A: Adam Gorham, C: Kurt Michael Russell)


  1. X-Men #20 (W: Jonathan Hickman, A: Francesco Mobili)



Segment: Interview: Benjamin Percy - Wastelanders, X-Force, X-Men

  1. Ben, we know you from X-Force, Wolverine...your great run on Green Arrow, with two seasons of Wolverine: The Long Night under your belt, how does it feel to kick off a second scripted podcast series with Wastelanders that’s kicking off a podcast universe?
  2. Comparatively speaking, how does scripting a 30 minute podcast compare to a single issue? Is 30 minutes roughly the same as 20 pages of comic, or more?
  3. For fans of Ethan Sacks and Robert Gill’s Old Man Quill, does their series tie into the podcast?
  4. The Long Night ended up getting a comic book adaptation, it’s early yet, but can we expect the same for Wastelanders?
  5. You’ve got Chris Elliot, Vanessa Williams, Danny Glover - Of the voice talent on Wastelanders, who has been your favorite so far?
  6. We know Marvel has invited literal celebrities to the Hellfire Gala, any chance we might see any of the actors working on Wastelanders appearing at the Gala as well?
  7. X-Force #20 is out this week and your cast is on security detail. Are you jealous the other X-Writers get to have fun inside, getting into all sorts of trouble… or is the real fun on the outside?
    1. Have you ever worked security yourself?
    2. Of the X-Force members, do any of them actually look forward to running security?
  8. What does Ben Percy wear to the Hellfire Gala?
  9. I never expected to see Dracula play such a large role in an X-Book again. How did the idea to bring Dracula and vampires into the Krakoa era come about?
  10. After the Gala, we get the long-promised return of Solem in the pages of Wolverine. How excited are you to play with this character again?
  11. What is the story of old man Percy?

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