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Giant-sized - Comics year in review, best publisher, event, and awards

Episode Summary

In our special year in review episode, we recap the best of the best in 2019. We also make our picks for best writer, artist, color artist, and more! Nathan Simmons joins Forrest Hollingsworth and David Brooke to talk over the best of the year. Nathan also serves as a tie-breaker as we determine what truly is the best of the year!

Episode Notes

This is an extra-long episode with categories predetermined and agreed upon. Here are the nominees...

Best comic to show a lapsed fan

Biggest Disappointment

Best Comics Trend

Worst Comics Trend

Biggest Surprise:

Biggest Surprise

Best Publisher

Best #1

Best Ongoing

Best Event

Best Reboot

Most Memorable Retcon (bad or good)

Best Romance

Best Hero

Best in-comic Team

Best Villain

Best Costume

Best Series Debut