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Exit Interview: Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose break down sci-fi series Alienated

Episode Summary

Guests Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose join the show to discuss their recently wrapped up BOOM! Studios series Alienated. As a sort of "exit interview," we discuss the series as a whole, their intentions with themes, how they felt it came out, and more. It's a deep dive into one of the best science fiction series of the year.

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Segment: Alienated exit-interview: Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose talk about the finish of the series

  1. Congratulations on Alienated wrapping up! Way back on February 16th we ran an interview with you guys to talk the series as it launched. Now that it’s wrapped up, how do you feel about the final product? Was there any themes or takeaways you were hoping for readers to grasp onto?
  2. Do you keep up on comics reviews and reader feedback on social media? Were you generally happy with the way Alienated was received?
  3. Does the version of Alienated that readers got deviate much from the original pitch and scripts? If so, in what ways?
  4. The pandemic was unprecedented for a variety of reasons we won’t get into, but it also delayed your book. Did the delay affect Alienated in any way or the process of development? 
  5. Were there any elements of Alienated you developed kind of subconsciously, things you can look back on and say “I’m glad we did that even if we didn’t plan it” or “Wow I didn’t realize I was writing that at the time”?
  6. Even though Chip went through horrible experiences, and he’s probably better off now, I already miss the character. If there was a second season for Alienated, where might you take Chip?
  7. What elements of this book do you think will carry into your future work?
  8. For me, there was dark horror to this work in part because I could see how people on social media and in real life act a certain way as characters do in this work. Do you see this work as a horror story?
  9. How do you approach making tragedy a central element of a story without making it overwhelming or unbearable for the reader?
  10. With Alienated over, can we expect another collaboration between you to soon? What’s next for you both in the comics realm?