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Excellent X-Men, and Ryan Parrott on crafting new superhero Rogue Sun

Episode Summary

This week, Ryan Parrott guests to discuss Rogue Sun, the new superhero series from Image Comics that is expanding on the Radiant Black universe. 

Episode Notes


  1. Substack adds comics creators and new projects in 2022
    1. Marvel vp Steve Wacker has left Marvel’s digital content division to become editor-in-chief of  Three Worlds, Three Moons
  2. Marvel’s enlists Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti for ‘Judgment Day’ summer event
  3. Marvel’s ‘Avengers/X-Men’ Free Comic Book Day comic kicks off with 3 stories
  4. Marvel announces 'All-New All Different' Savage Avengers #1 for May 2022
  5. Marvel launching ‘New Fantastic Four’ #1 on May 25th
  6. ‘The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther’ podcast coming on February 14th
  7. Marvel gives new details on ‘Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War’
  8. DC First Look: Trial of the Amazons #1
  9. DC First Look: The Jurassic League #1
  10. DC Comics outlines Black History Month 2022 plans

Our Top Books of the Week


  1. X Lives Of Wolverine (2022) #2 (Ben Percy, Josh Cassara)
  2. One-Star Squadron (2021) #3 (Mark Russell, Steve Lieber)


  1. Sabretooth #1 (Victor LaValle, Leonard Kirk)
  2. The Monkey Prince #1 (Gene Luen Yang, Bernard Chang)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Nathan - Dark Knights of Steel #4 (Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri)

Dave - Sabretooth #1



Interview - Ryan Parrott Rogue Sun - February 23, 2022

  1. Rogue Sun’s announcement was a pleasant surprise, did the idea for the hero begin before figuring out how it fits in the Radiant Black universe?
  2. When writing a lead character who is 17, how do you get into that headspace?
  3. Rogue Sun is also a murder mystery, I’m always fascinated by how creators write a who-done-it. Where did you start for Rogue Sun?
  4. The hero in a super-suit is practically a trope at this point with Power Rangers and Gieger, why do you think this type of hero continues to interest audiences to this day?
  5. Abel’s art is insane, with a thin detailed line that sets this book apart, how did you two connect for this project?
  6. In the grand scheme of things if given unlimited resources, how long would Rogue Sun run on for as a series?
  7. Dylan is an intriguing character because he’s also a troubled bully, which is a unique angle. What made you take this track for the protagonist?
  8. Super minor detail but, I love the fake store names like Wallgrans, is that something you write in the script or something Abel adds?
  9. The superhero crossover is always exciting, I think people lost their minds when Invincible and Spider-Man teamed up. Are there any team-ups you dream about for Rogue Sun?
  10. The Eltarian War is nearing its end and I have to say the story has been epic at every turn. Is there an art to creating fulfilling cliffhangers on an epic scale?
  11. If given the powers or Rogue Sun, what would you do?