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Declan Shalvey on ‘Time Before Time’ and crafting episodic stories

Episode Summary

Declan Shalvey joins the show to discuss his series Time Before Time and the Kickstarter Process Edition. We dig into the the unique time-travel story approach, making comics as serial stories, and other projects like Immortal Hulk: Flatline and the yet to be resolicitied Punisher vs. Barracuda!

Episode Notes

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  2. Marauders #20 (W: Gerry Duggan, A: Stefano Caselli)


  1. The Good Asian #1 (Pornsak Pichetshote, Alexandre Tefengki)
  2. The Swamp Thing #3 (Ram V, Mike Perkins)



  1. Dave: X-Corp #1 (David Aja)
  2. Nathan: Fantastic Four #32 (Peach Momoko)

Segment: Interview - Declan Shalvey - Check out the Kickstarter for Time Before Time

  1. Hi Declan, thank you for being on the AIPT Comics podcast and congrats on a fully-funded Kickstarter with just 2 days to go! And with Time Before Time launching on Wednesday in comic book shops! How has the Kickstarter rollercoaster been for you?
  2. Time Before Time is a time travel story, but it’s more a smugglers’ tale, especially since time can’t be altered as far as we know. What made you choose to go this route using time travel?
  3. What is your favorite time travel story?
  4. I’ve read you hope Time Before Time goes for a long time, do you have a number of issues in mind that would be the dream run?
  5. The first issue takes place in the 80s and the 2100s, was there any significance in those periods of time?
  6. The first couple of issues end with cliffhangers - is that something we can expect for the full series?
  7. As an artist, have you found you approach scripting differently than Rory? And how is the process different collaborating with Rory McConville and Joe Palmer been like?
  8. Your book Immortal Hulk Flatline was inspired, especially the color story at work, how did that influence your work on Time Before Time?
  9. With plenty of Marvel works under your belt, are there any Marvel characters you’re itching to draw or write?
  10. Last April it was solicited you’d be working with Ed Brisson on a Punisher tale, is that still in the works?
  11. Are there any other projects you’d like to discuss or plug in today?

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