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Comicstorian talks his YouTube/podcast empire, writing Bloodshot, & more

Episode Summary

Comicstorian joins the show to talk about his backup story in Bloodshot #12 and his comics YoutTube and Podcasting empire. We dig into the 9 years he has spent building up comics commentary YouTube channels, tips on how the YouTube algorithm works, and more! 

Episode Notes


Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Silk #1 (W: Maurene Goo, A: Takeshi Miyazawa)
  2. Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing #1 (W: Steve Orlando, Artist: Francesco Mobili)


  1. Witchblood #1 (W: Matthew Erman, A: Lisa Sterle)
  2. Beta Ray Bill #1 (W/A: Daniel Warren Johnson)



Segment: Interview with Comicstorian (aka  Benny Potter)

Podcaster, Youtuber, comics writer for a backup in Bloodshot #12

  1. Comicstorian, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your empire of podcasting and YouTube’ing?
  2. You recently got a chance to write a backup in Bloodshot #12, how did that gig come about?
  3. The backup looks so cool, showing huge moments in Bloodshot’s life in short dynamic bursts. What was the collaboration process like with Juan Jose Ryp?
  4. Do you have anything else cooking with Valiant or another comics publisher?
  5. I see you’ve covered Valiant Comics a good bit on your channel. What to you is the ultimate appeal of the Valiant Universe?
  6. As a verifiable comics expert, what are your top 3 comics of all time?
  7. You’re also a Twitch partner, which I think qualifies you as something of a renaissance man. What are you playing right now and do you have any comic-related games you’d recommend to listeners?
  8. I’ve heard it’s too late to get into the YouTube game, Marques Brownlee said this on an AMA, but I was curious as someone who has such a history working at it, do you think so and if not...any tips for fledgling video creators?
  9. Are there any other projects you’d like to discuss or plug today? 

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