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Local comic stores against the virus, plus guest John Allison talks worldbuilding in Wicked Things

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We recap the news and review the week! Plus special guest John Allison joins us to talk about his new BOOM! Studios series Wicked Things, talk about the state of the comics industry, and more!

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  1. Plunge #2 (W: Joe Hill, A: Stuart Immonen)
  2. Spider-Woman #1 (W: Karla Pacheco, A: Pere Pérez)


  1. Alienated #2 (W: Si Spurrier, A: Chris Wildgoose)
  2. BANG! #2 (W: Matt Kindt, A: Wilfredo Torres)




SEGMENT: Interview - John Allison Giant Days writer has Wicked Things #1 out this week from BOOM! Studios

  1. Everyone loves a good who-done-it, what are some of your favorite detective stories and were there any you read or watched to prepare for Wicked Things?
  2. If you had to pitch Wicked Things to 18 or 19 year olds, how would you describe it? 
  3. The plot of Wicked Things #1 revolves around an awards ceremony for detectives. Having won an Eisner, did you approach this issue from your own experience with that award show, or maybe others you’ve attended?
  4. The lead character, Charlotte "Lottie" Grote, was first introduced (if I’m not mistaken) in Scary Go Round in the story the Estate January 28, 2009, and while the character is 19 in Wicked Things she’s technically 11 in real people years. That’s a long time for the character to live inside your head and while we’ve seen her in Giant Days and elsewhere, how has she changed--or maybe she hasn’t-- in those 11 years?
  5. When crafting a murder mystery detective story are there storytelling elements that take a back seat to the mystery itself? Worldbuilding, for instance, seems a touch harder when the audience is focusing on the detective and their work.
  6. I love the little details in Wicked Things #1, from the text on a magazine cover to the name of Charlotte’s gummy bears, are these things right in the script, or do they evolve when making the book?
  7. The Tackleverse, or Bobbinsverse as I’ve seen it written, is an incredible thing. You’ve built an entire universe of characters. Are there any inherent pros and cons of building a universe? Might we see you create an entirely new one someday?
  8. Originating as a webcomic creator, are there elements of webcomic creation you miss, and things you are happy to leave behind?
  9. When you were little, what did you think you’d be when you grew up?
  10. What do you hope to see in the comics industry in the future?
  11. What comics are you reading right now?

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