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Chris Cantwell on jumping genre at Marvel, Vault, and BOOM!

Episode Summary

Comics writer Christopher Cantwell joins us to discuss his latest works at Marvel Comics--including Iron Man and The United States of Captain America--along with indie works at Vault Comics and BOOM! Studios.

Episode Notes

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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Spider-Man: Life Story Annual #1 (Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley)
  2. Robin #5 (Josh Williamson, Gleb Melnikov)


  1. Barbaric #3 (Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden)
  2. Ninjak #2 (Jeff Parker, Javier Pulido)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Nathan - Darkhawk #1 (Kyle Higgins, Juanan Ramirez)

Dave - King Spawn #1 (Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane, Javi Fernandez)



Segment: Interview: Christopher Cantwell - Iron Man, United States of Captain America, Blue Flame.

  1. Christopher Cantwell, thank you for being on the AIPT Comics podcast. I’d love to start first with the recently announced, Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body #1, can you tell us a little bit about this new series and how long has this been in the works?
  2. Okay, we’re admittedly conspiracy theory junkies. Is it safe to say you enjoy getting lost down those kinds of rabbit holes? What is the research process like for this series?
  3. With Regarding the Matter of Oswald, She Could Fly: Fight or Flight on the way in October, and two Marvel titles ongoing atm, it’s fair to say this is the most comics writing you’ve done at one time. I was curious now that you’re a year out or so from Dr. Doom, how does writing in the comics format compare to writing for television?
  4. At the same time, it feels like you’re just getting started, are there any bucket list titles you’d like to work on?
  5. There’s a certain cosmic entity that shows up in Iron Man #11 (Living Tribunal but don’t say to avoid spoilers), how rad was it to write such a huge character, and was he always in the cards to use in the story arc?
  6. With The United States of Captain America, what was the new Captain America creation process like? Did you have a hand in curating the creators who would make these Cap’s Steve Rogers meets on the road? 
  7. US of Captain America has a very “road movie” vibe to the pacing and overall tone. What are some of your favorite road movies, and did you throw any on while cracking this story?
  8. The Blue Flame is incredibly impactful in how juxtaposes the cosmic superhero story and smaller real-world story. How did scripting of this series shake out and was it always these two concurrent stories going at once?
  9. With Blue Flame, did any series inform how you wrote the cosmic scenes, like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers? 
  10. The look of the cosmic scenes in this series are so memorable. What’s the collaboration process been like with Adam Gorham, Kurt Michael Russell, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhau?
  11. This series has an original soundtrack written by your friend Aaron Fischer (who one of the many Caps has been named after)! How did that come about?
  12. Substack has taken over the comics news airwaves, what are your thoughts on the platform?
  13. What comics are you reading right now?

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