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Best of 2021: Comics, creators, series, and more!

Episode Summary

This week, we take a break from our regular show to detail the very best in comics for 2021! We make our picks for best artist, writer, series, surprise, and so much more. This is our final show of 2021 and we go out with a bang!

Episode Notes

Segment: Highlights from the show 2021 - Before we get to our best of 2021 winners, we highlight some of our favorite moments and episodes of 2021 including the Boulet Brothers, Jeff Smith, Karla Pacheco and her mom joining us, and more!


AIPT Comics Podcast Best of the year 2021

Best Surprise

Nathan - Eddie dies in Venom #1

Dave - Jonathan Hickman leaving as Head of X

Best for a Lapsed Fan

Nathan - Amazing Spider-Man (Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson, and more)

Dave - X-Men (Hickman, Duggan, Pepe Larraz Marte Gracia)

Best single issue

Nathan - The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #5 (Ram V, Felipe Andrade)

Dave - The Dreaming: Waking Hours #6 (G. Willow Wilson, Javier Rodriguez)

Best #1 

Nathan - TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 (Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Peter Laird, Ben Bishop, Isaac Escorza, Esau Escorza)

Dave - Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021) #1 (Joe Kelly, Chris Bachalo)

Best ongoing series

Nathan - The Silver Coin (Michael Walsh, a buncha writers)

Dave - Home Sick Pilots (Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard)

Best Artist

Nathan - Daniel Warren Johnson (Beta Ray Bill, Superman Red & Blue, Murder Falcon, a ton of covers)

Dave - Chris Samnee

Best colorist?

Nathan - Jordie Bellaire (Black Widow, Darkhold, The Thing, Darth Maul, Future State: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, a zillllllion other books!)

Dave - Mat Lopes (Supergirl, Ka-Zar, The Dreaming)

Best Letterer

Dave - Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou 

Nathan - Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou - Memoria, BEYOND THE BREACH, X-0 Manowar 

Best Writer

Nathan - Ram V (Laila Starr, Venom, Swamp Thing, JLD, Catwoman)

Dave - Jed MacKay (Moon Knight, Death of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man One-shots, Black Cat)