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Artist Ryan Stegman Interview: Talking Venom, new villain Virus, his podcast, and more

Episode Summary

Comics artist Ryan Stegman joins us to talk Venom, his approach to drawing comics, and more. We also discuss his Free Comic Book Day story out in July.

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  1. Marvels Snapshot: Captain America #1 (W: Mark Russell, A: Ramon K. Perez)
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Segment: Interview: Ryan Stegman

Your podcast Steg-Man and His Amazing Friends has surpassed 100,000 downloads after 44 episodes, what inspired you to take to the internet-air-waves?

As a podcaster, has the show helped your comics career connecting with fans and creators? 

Recently a debate has sprung up on Twitter about the function of a comics writer and artist and their differences and similarities. How would you describe your collaborative process with different writers across the industry? 

How frequently do you and Donny Cates meetup or get on a call to discuss the development of Venom? Are your discussions more focused on issue-to-issue details or long term storytelling?

How has your view of Venom and by extension Eddie Brock as a character changed throughout working on this story? 
What contribution to the world of Venom are you most proud of making to-date?

Free comic book day questions…

Do you miss con season?

What books, movies, games or other media most inspires your work generally and more narrowly for Venom? 

Do you make moodboards or any other sort of diagram to help establish tonality or style?

Can you tell us about one panel or moment that was surprisingly difficult to nail?

 one that came to you surprisingly easy?

If you could develop a prestige graphic novel for any character, no holds barred, who would it be and why?

Many folks are struggling to keep their creative juices flowing right now, do you have any tricks or means of getting your creativity flowing?

What did you want to be when you were little?

What comics are you reading right now?
What one writer that you haven’t worked with would you like to work with most?

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